Workforce Consulting With Tangible Outcomes

We are the “new kids on the block” in the world of consulting for businesses that look to Engage, Educate and Empower the Millennial and Generation Z Workforce.

We pride ourselves as being the pioneers in providing a coaching based consulting service for our clients, capturing the vision of exactly how the client wants to position their business to attract high-performing Next-Gen talent.

Our team is comprised of diverse talented professionals with proven track record of success ranging from the following industries: IT, Operations/Supply Chain, HR, Law and Brand Development.

Meet Raeha Kim, Esq.

People often ask me how and why I started my consulting practice with my background as a N.Y. licensed attorney and the founder of the Millennials Chamber of Commerce.

The short answer is there was a screaming need for it in the market place. The more honest answer is it was the very same reason I decided to become an attorney in the first place – to serve as the conduit between people and brands that sought to give voice to the voiceless.

There is no denying that the training and the education I have received as an attorney has been instrumental in my ability to serve my clients as a consultant. However, what has truly been the secret sauce to my ability to consult, coach and advise my clients has been the non-traditional part of my education from 30 plus years of growing up in an entrepreneurial household.

As the oldest child and the only daughter born into a blue collar family that bootstrapped their way from an extremely humble beginning to a multi-million dollar empire, I literally had to learn to breathe, live and swim in all the good and the ugly that came along with the lessons and the challenges of building a successful business from the ground up.

Today, I advise, coach and consult various brands and organizations so they can build a strong Multi-Generational work environment that attracts and retains the Next-Gen Workforce.